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Welcome to - a site featuring my original instrumental piano/keyboard music.
I'm primarily a hard rock/heavy metal drummer,
but my alter ego won't allow me to create music without exploring an almost polar opposite form of music - my piano stuff - which was not originally intended for public consumption, but after a decent amount of positive comments like 
"This would be good on a soundtrack",
I started thinking, yeah, maybe - some of it.
Some of it is meandering, self-indulgent, melancholy, solo piano and some of it is more dramatic, new-agey, classical sounding.
It was also met with comments like
"What the ---- is this #*##?
I thought you were a metal drummer?!"
Thus the title of this website.


Maybe the metal drummer is the alter ego, who knows - but check it out for yourself - I'm currently trying to market it towards anything it might enhance, so if you or anyone you know has a need for some kind of musical accompaniment for their project or production you can contact me by e-mail at
or by phone at 


I hope you like it...